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From Father to Son

Daryl Wilson, son, protégé and technical heir to company founder David Wilson, seems determined to put his fingerprint on all the latest models designed by his father. Daryl has methodically upgraded Wilson's stable of thoroughbreds, bar the WAMM Master Chronosonic, which is off limits and will forever remain as David's final statement to the audio community. Described as his 'Magnum Opus' this flagship has served as inspiration to many recent models, including the Alexia S2. Wilson Audio is now a more prolific manufacturer, since Daryl was formally elevated to CEO and President in 2016, although he was involved in design before: the Sabrina [HFN Aug '15], Sasha 2 [HFN Jun '14], Alexx [HFN Nov '16], Yvette [HFN Feb '17] and now the Alexia S2. What's next?

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