Wharfedale Diamond 11.1 loudspeaker Sidebar

Diamond Days

The original Wharfedale Diamond speaker was quite a sensation when it broke cover in 1985: standing just 24cm tall and selling for £65 a pair, it quickly established a reputation for surprising bass weight and fine imaging. And it was a major sales success – a few years back, Wharfedale estimated that it had sold over a million pairs of Diamond speakers since launch. The nearest equivalent to that original Diamond model in the current 11 Series is the 25cm-tall 11.0 and its price, when inflation is taken into account, is roughly the same too. The new range isn't actually the 11th generation, but the 13th, the numbering having gone out of whack with the Diamond 100 and 200 series. These stepped back from the curved side enclosures of the 9 and 10 series that preceded them, opting for more conventional (and presumably less expensive to assemble) slab-sided cabinets. The new 11 Series marks the return of this design to the range.

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