Totem Acoustic Bison Monitor Loudspeaker Totem's Timeline

Totem's Timeline

Totem Acoustic's founder Vince Bruzzese says the company was established in 1987 with a series of rules concerning its loudspeaker design, including what he describes as 'discreet cabinets, naturalistic off-axis performance, "timeless not trendy" aesthetics, and product longevity'. First out of the gate in 1989 was the compact two-way Model 1, which continued until 2017, followed soon after by 1990's isobaric bass-loaded Mani-2 standmount, which became the Mani-2 Signature, available until 2009. The five-way Shaman floorstander, launched in 1991, was another key design and one that would later inspire much of the company's multi-driver custom install models.

The lineup was further expanded in the 1990s and 2000s with more conventional floorstanders and standmounts, including 2007's Tribe models and the first generation (2009) of Totem Acoustic's range-topping Element series. In 2014 came the introduction of the affordable KIN brand 'to help support a newer and younger generation of music lovers'. Powered, BT-equipped speakers, including the KIN Play Monitor and KIN Play Tower, were added in 2018.

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