Top Topham

Ascension Heights - Pure Pleasure Blue Horizon 7-63857 (180g vinyl)

This LP’s rarity value alone commands attention: Topham was the Yardbirds’ founder guitarist, who had to leave the band because he was only 15. By 1969, at the age of 22, he delivered this solo LP, a long-forgotten take on the blues, far removed from the Yardbirds. Despite its Blue Horizon pedigree, it’s not of the Brit Blues school per se and is a stylistic mish-mash, more akin to Andrew Loog Oldham’s covers of the Stones’ canon, but its worth to Yardbirds hard-core is unparalleled. If you could find a mint original, you’d have to part with £100+. After Topham’s parents made him leave, he was replaced by one Eric Clapton. The rest, as they say…

Sound Quality: 70%