TechDAS Air Force III Premium Turntable Air Superiority

Air Superiority

Operating a deck with an air bearing and vacuum hold-down requires a slightly different operating routine. Eagle-eyed readers will see that this deck doesn't require a special puck or circumferential hold-down ring to ensure that the vacuum works (although a clamp is an option), so it's easy to use rather than challenging. Carefully-engineered holes in the platter, precision gaskets and other details accomplish the tasks, and the sucking down of the LP to platter surface is rapid and in some cases visible if the LP is mildly warped or dished. Once the suction is activated, the LP is effectively locked to the platter.


As the heavy platter floats on an air bearing, the owner's manual points out that when the pump is not switched on and the platter is therefore not floating, it settles and rests on a polished glass surface, under which is the speed sensor. The user is cautioned not to rotate the platter by hand when the pump is not powered up, as it could score the glass.

Stella Inc.
Tokyo, Japan
Supplied by: Absolute Sounds Ltd
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