T+A MP 2500 R digital media player Lab Report

Comparisons with T+A's slimline MP 2000 R [HFN Feb '16] and beefier MP 3100 HV [HFN Sept '17] are instructive because the core performance of the MP 2500 R lies somewhere inbetween. Tested in 'wide' mode with the 120kHz cut-off frequency, the response of all input sample rates – except 192kHz – is determined by your choice of digital filter [see Sidebar]. With CD or 48kHz digital inputs this varies from –0.2dB/20kHz (FIR Short) to –4.4dB/20kHz (Bezier) and from +0.25dB/45kHz (FIR Long and Short) to –28dB/45kHz (Bezier/IIR) with 96kHz/24-bit files. By contrast, 192kHz/24-bit inputs are fixed at –6.1dB/90kHz regardless of filter. The response with SACD and DSD64 inputs extends from –0.6dB/20kHz to –2.1dB/40kHz, –7.7dB/80kHz and –13.1dB/100kHz although distortion at HF is necessarily dominated by ultrasonic requantisation noise and amounts to 0.034% at 20kHz/0dBFs.


Distortion vs. digital signal level over a 120dB dynamic range. 48kHz/24-bit S/PDIF and network (1kHz, red; 20kHz, blue), CD (1kHz, black; 20kHz, grey)


High resolution 48kHz/24-bit jitter spectra, LPCM (network/USB, black) and SACD (red)

With LPCM files from 44.1-192kHz, and SACD/DSD64, correlated jitter varies from just 10-30psec and noise-like jitter is almost entirely eliminated [see Graph 2]. Distortion is similar to that from the MP 2000 R at 0.0014% (20Hz-20kHz) at the player's peak 4.25V (balanced) output, but falls to as low as 0.00009% from –10dBFs to –30dBFs [red trace, Graph 1]. THD is about 10dB higher via 16-bit CD [black trace] below –15dBFs. Distortion is still fractionally lower from the MP 3100 HV with its superior analogue stage and separate PSU but the MP 2500 R remains technically robust with its a wide 113-114dB A-wtd S/N ratio, excellent ±0.05dB low-level resolution (offering a 110dB range with 24-bit inputs), low 45ohm source impedance, 0.01dB channel balance and 130dB stereo separation. PM

Maximum output level / Impedance: 4.25Vrms / 44-52ohm (XLR)
A-wtd S/N ratio (LPCM / CD / SACD): 113.1dB / 113.8dB / 113.9dB
Distortion (1kHz, 0dBFs/–30dBFs): 0.0014% / 0.0004%
Distortion & Noise (20kHz, 0dBFs/–30dBFs): 0.0015% / 0.015%
Freq. resp. (20Hz-20kHz/45kHz/90kHz): +0.0 to –0.3dB/+0.3dB/–6.1dB
Digital jitter (S/PDIF / CD / SACD) : 8psec / 118psec / 23psec
Resolution @ –110dB (S/PDIF / CD / SACD) : ±0.5dB / ±0.5dB / ±0.4dB
Power consumption: 21W (1W standby)
Dimensions (WHD) / Weight: 460x165x400mm / 11.3kg
Price: £8366

T+A elektroakustik GmbH & Co. KG
Supplied by: Kog Audio, UK
01353 721089