System Audio Legend 40.2 Silverback Loudspeaker RAM Tweaks

RAM Tweaks

The DSP at the heart of all Silverback models has sufficient capacity to not only service future updates but also accommodate 'performance modifiers' uploaded by users. These are SA's new 'RAM Tweaks' that allow changes to the Silverback speakers' crossover frequencies, bass alignment and extension, time alignment and protection limits. You can, with due deliberation, entirely reconfigure the sound of the 40.2 Silverback to suit its position in your room and your personal taste.

Currently seven RAM Tweaks are offered, including the original 'RT100' profile and the new-this-year 'RT200' version that's pre-loaded into all Legend 40.2 Silverbacks. This, says System Audio, provides a 'smooth response' and a more detailed, accurate sound than earlier DSPs. Other options include 'RT300', which aims to extend low frequency response to below 20Hz (at the expense of maximum SPL) while retaining the tonal balance of 'RT200', and 'RT250', which reworks the crossover to turn the upper bass/mid driver into a dedicated midrange unit. The uploading process isn't complicated (RAM Tweaks can be downloaded from System Audio's website), but don't expect to be able to perform quick-fire A/B comparisons.

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