Soulines Kubrick DCX/Timestep T-609 turntable/tonearm Sidebar

What Goes Around...

Soulines CEO Igor Gligorov's first venture into turntable manufacturing came courtesy of a company called 'ttrecycled' that built new items from old. It offered upgrades and modifications to customers' existing turntables, as well as accessories. These included the cork/rubber mat seen here, the 'Protractor' LP and a base platform. All normal enough, though some of the turntable designs were magnificently outrageous. Examples of these decks can still be seen on the company's website and, as it explains, the idea was to re-use those old decks languishing in cupboards and attics, some of which were highly capable. Gligorov's creations are typically arresting, but my favourite is the White, which used the motor from a C.E.C deck with the platter from a Technics deck and a BSR arm. Then there's the Mini-PC, which rests on a base made from a washing machine pulley, and the Half Moon, which, in tt recycled's own words, comprises 'several different turntables, a VCR machine, a wooden barrel cover, hockey pucks and scrap MDF'. Yes, really...

Supplied by: Timestep Distribution, Devon
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