Simaudio MOON 280D MiND 2 Networked-Attached DAC Mind Control

Mind Control

MOON's MiND 2 app has been designed as an intrinsic part of its streaming platform – and it shows. Installed on an Android or iOS device – the latter seems just a bit more responsive – it finds the 280D MiND 2 as soon as it's connected to the home network, and then looks after the very small amount of set-up required. Mainly this involves signing in for any of the streaming services you want to use, selecting favourite Internet radio stations and then pointing the device at your local music stores. The 280D MiND 2's 'locked-down' digital design means you can just get on with listening to the music, selecting tracks or albums and adding them to your playlist.




Also available to Tidal users via the app is Tidal Mix, which uses algorithms to create playlists based on past listening preferences, while the various DAC inputs can be selected via the app, and multiple MOON network products combined in synchronised multiroom mode for 'whole house' audio. What's more, with the 280D MiND 2 connected to other MOON components via its 'SimLink', you can also adjust the volume and settings of the amplifier into which the streamer/DAC is playing.

Simaudio Ltd
Quebec, Canada
Supplied by: Renaissance Audio, Scotland
0131 555 3922