Scansonic MB6 B Loudspeaker A Better B

A Better B

New for the 'B' iteration of the Scansonic MB6 is a redesigned crossover, while the internal construction of the curved, heavily braced cabinet has been reworked with minimal damping. A 'looser', low-loss spider has been adopted for the rear suspension of the mid/bass diaphragms, Scansonic reporting improved dynamics and LF response after a much-reduced 'break-in period' of some 100 hours' use.

Three sculpted ports to the rear tune the bass, and the 36.5kg speaker sits on substantial, easily-adjustable feet. A single pair of input terminals is provided, so no need to faff around wondering about bi-wiring or bi-amplification, and the minimum power requirement is relatively modest at 50W. However, as PM points out in his Lab Report, these are speakers benefiting from the use of fairly substantial amps, not least in tackling the relatively low impedance, especially in the bass, but also in overcoming a 'real-world' sensitivity that's lower than the manufacturer suggests. Similarly, while Scansonic says the switch to a more conventional ported cabinet design for the 'B' series gives 'a more coherent, dynamic and detailed low-end reproduction, while at the same time making in-room placement of the speaker much easier and more versatile', some boundary reinforcement was advantageous.

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