Rotel RA-1592MKII Integrated Amplifier Sixty Years Strong

Sixty Years Strong

In a hi-fi market that's currently as evolutionary as revolutionary, there's no shortage of products one could describe as drawing on an illustrious past. In the case of the amplifier reviewed here, however, that phrase has an extra meaning: this latest version of Rotel's flagship integrated, based on the original RA-1592 amplifier [HFN Sep '16], is part of a wider launch of new products celebrating the company's 60th year. Rather than make them 'anniversary' models or somesuch – it did that last year with the Ken Ishiwata-influenced Tribute player and amp [HFN Jan '21] – it's gone for simple 'MKII' badging on this amplifier plus the lower-priced A14MKII (£1195) and RA-1572MKII (£1595).

All are built in the traditional way that has stood Rotel in good stead since the company made its debut in 1961, with close attention to the quality of the parts specified, rather than extravagant industrial design. The styling – even of the upmarket Michi sub-brand – is functional rather than flash, while the company still makes critical parts, including its transformers, in-house. It also continues to work closely with suppliers in the sourcing of other custom-made components. And 60 years on, the company is still a family operation, based in Tokyo: its current CEO, Peter Kao, is the grand-nephew of founder Tomoki Tachikawa.

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