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Nuclear Engineering?



Roon says that its Nucleus models are a simple way of tackling the task of adding its capabilities to your system, and is upfront enough to include on its website links that enable you to buy all the parts required to DIY-build a system offering similar capabilities. In fact, it goes so far as to offer one-shot Amazon links to ‘kits’ comprising an Intel NUC, RAM, and an SSD. From these one can see that the equivalent of the Nucleus in a NUC case will cost you £348, and a Nucleus+ in kit form around £600 – depending, of course, on the size of SSD and amount of RAM chosen. Now putting a NUC together isn’t exactly that tricky – along with the small form-factor, that’s kind of the point – and neither is setting one up. What the Nucleus/Nucleus+ offer, apart from that rather attractive chunky casework, is the reassurance that everything has been done for you and will work straight from the box, guaranteed.

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