Rogers LS5/9 Classic SE Loudspeaker Auntie Beeb's Boxes

Auntie Beeb's Boxes

Part of a lineage dating back to 1970, when Rogers began its relationship with the BBC, the LS5/9 is a true studio monitor in hi-fi clothing – and with domestically acceptable dimensions. The series began with Rogers' first BBC design, the LS3/6 studio monitor. Four years later, the immortal LS3/5A arrived, the smallest ('Grade Two') in a family that would grow to include speakers of various sizes to suit both studio and outside broadcasting and monitoring.

Production of the LS5/9 began in 1983, this 'Grade One' model designed to fit in spaces where the LS5/8 would be too large. The LS5/9 used the same tweeter as found in the LS5/8, the BBC requiring consistency across the range. In ascending order of size, the classic 1980s/1990s Rogers lineup of BBC and BBC-inspired home models eventually comprised the LS3/5A, LS2, LS5/9, LS6, LS7, Studio 1 and LS5/8. Rogers ceased LS5/9 production in the late-1990s. Twenty years on, under the guidance of Andy Whittle (formerly Rogers' Technical Director) the much-loved BBC models are back. And I don't think the LS5/9 will be the last to be resurrected.

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