Reed Muse 1C/3P Turntable Vidmantas Triukas

Vidmantas Triukas

Although Reed's founder/owner Vidmantas Triukas is an audio designer, he's also a passionate art lover who studied art history in Russia from 1980–1982. He left that world in 1985 for radio engineering, specialising in acoustic and ultrasound research. 'I focused on the transmission of acoustic noise in different materials, earning three patents in this field, and this work has informed the usage of woods, composites and other materials in Reed turntables and tonearms.'

In 1987, Triukas and a few friends built a system consisting of a turntable, speakers and an amplifier, to present in USSR's largest technical achievement trade show in Moscow. Their efforts were rewarded with a bronze medal in the audio equipment category for various innovations including automatic speed control for turntables and an amp with low linear distortion.

Following a hiatus from working with hi-fi, Triukas realised audio was still his passion. In 2007, he decided to start a business that would introduce what he says was, 'something amazing to the market. After a year of continuous research, prototyping, design and testing, we produced the first Reed tonearm'.

Triukas continues developing new tonearms and turntables but, he says, 'A lot of ideas stay in the drawer. Hopefully, some will become viable products in the future'. As a teaser, he reveals that a tangential tonearm he has been working on for the last five years has only now become viable in the last six months. He adds 'Finally, I have a new product'. Watch this space!

Supplied by: Absolute Sounds Ltd
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