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In the dock


It costs £599, but the HB2 'HiFi Hub' is more than just a conventional charging dock. It does include a USB-C port for charging – although, like the QP2R itself, it doesn't include a 5V mains adapter for this, so you'll need to supply that for yourself. There's also a remote that will allow you to control the QP2R from across the room without needing to look at the screen. And, more importantly, the HB2 also includes RCA connectors for S/PDIF digital and analogue output, allowing you to connect the player to your existing hi-fi system at home. And, with the option of adding up to 2TB of extra storage via micro-SD memory cards, this will also allow you to use the QP2R as a cost-effective storage device for your home music library. Alternatively, if the HB2 seems unnecessary, we're told that Questyle is planning a more basic charging dock for release early in 2018, that will cost a mere £25.

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