Paravicini 312 Preamp and M100A Monoblocks Also In HFN This Month In 2001

Also In HFN This Month In 2001

Hi-Fi Show report
A look at the highs of this year's Hi-Fi Show as Ken Kessler picks his personal Novotel Top Ten.

Shearne Phase 7 Anniversary
Ivor Humphreys finds Shearne's new CD player to be the product of a discerning musical ear.

Spendor S3
A loudspeaker with 'universal' appeal? Ken Kessler assesses the Spendor S3/5's new sibling.

Elac Imago S80/60
Alvin Gold hears the company's largest flat-panel offering and notes its serious engineering.

Musical Fidelity A3 revised
Alvin Gold on a great new integrated amplifier and a great deal from Musical Fidelity.

Infinity Alpha 30
Tony Bolton warms to this classic US brand.

six mini-speakers
Alvin Gold and a listening panel assess the B&W DM303, Mission 780, Tannoy Mercury mX2, Monitor Audio Bronze 2 and Wharfedale Diamond 8.1.

System set-up
Ken Kessler revisits the fabled Music Room of SME founder Alastair Robertson-Aikman.