Paradigm Founder 120H Loudspeaker Genesis Of Good Sound

Genesis Of Good Sound

Anthem's full-range Room Correction system, now in upgraded 'Genesis' guise, is a long-term ingredient of its AV processors and receivers, but a scaled-down derivative has also been successfully integrated into Paradigm's flagship speakers, including the Founder 120H. Here, the DSP brains and 1kW Class D amplifier brawn are packed into a section at the rear of the cabinet. These electronics cater only for sub-300Hz bass with all three woofers working in parallel – the room-correction algorithm is downloaded into the DSP (via USB or BT) only once it's been calculated via an app running on your PC or Mac.

A measuring microphone, small stand and USB cables are supplied with the speaker, while the software comes from as a free download. You are instructed to place the microphone in five to ten key positions within the listening field with both the stimulus signal and data acquisition handled by the app and computer. The process is fast and simple, taking around ten minutes, after which you're done unless you ever need to move the speakers.

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