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Nagra's Milestones

For the first 45 years of its existence, Nagra produced professional tape recorders. Its high-end audio story began in 1997, with the phono-equipped PL-P preamp, the first aimed at domestic audio users. It was an immediate hit, not least because Nagra already had a following in the audiophile community thanks to the use of the Nagra IV-S as a high-end open-reel tape deck. The company swiftly followed the preamp with units that would form a complete Nagra system, with 1998's much-loved VPA vacuum tube power amplifier and, a year later, the MPA MOSFET solid-state power amplifier. While more of a curiosity than a viable primary sound source, the limited edition SNST-R 'hi-fi' version of the SNST spy recorder was introduced. Since then, the range has grown to include the PL-L line-level preamp, a DAC, the PMA Pyramid Mono and PSA Pyramid Stereo amps and, in 2006, the CD-T/P/C range of CD players and transports. Completing its first decade in high-end audio, in 2007 Nagra released the VPS valve phono stage.

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