Monitor Audio Bronze 100 Loudspeaker Custom Drivers

Custom Drivers

Whether you choose the light or dark grey baffle, the glint of MA's gold-coloured 25mm C-CAM tweeter is always visible through those honeycomb perforations in its protective cover. This forms part of the 'Uniform Dispersion' (UD) waveguide, acting like a sophisticated phase plug.


At the heart of these Ceramic-Coated Aluminium Magnesium drivers – tweeter and bass/mid – is an alloy core, chosen for lightness and stiffness, to which is applied the ceramic material to further enhance rigidity without significant weight increases. The dome tweeter boasts an especially wide response for an entry-level loudspeaker but, as we saw with the Bronze 2 model [HFN Feb '16], while its first break-up mode is deferred to a high 29kHz, the resonance is unmistakable. PM

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