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Mofi Models

MoFi Vice President Josh Bizar prefers not to spill any beans prematurely, but he did acknowledge that the company has 'a few products in the engineering, design, and development stages now. We have been hard at work for some time on an affordable DAC and we're working on a beautiful, great-sounding integrated amplifier'. While this will mean we are two more steps closer to an all-MoFi system, he is, however, most excited about the third model in the turntable range, what will be 'a significantly more expensive turntable than the UltraDeck that will certainly look a lot cooler'. Bizar also promises 'some top-secret plans' with the next model offering unique features and incremental material improvements. Also alluding to an adventurous new tonearm design, he was reticent about revealing too much because 'pricing has not yet been finalised, as we have not locked down the costs of the new features and design elements. But I guarantee as soon as there is something concrete to discuss, we will let Hi-Fi News readers know all the details'. Watch this space!

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