Melco N10 (N10P/PS10) Network Audio Library Music HD

Music HD

The arrival of the dedicated Melco Music HD app will be welcomed by owners wanting to keep the whole experience 'in house', though the basic functions of the N10 can still be driven using a variety of third-party apps, including Bubble UPnP and Linn's Kinsky. However, while the Melco app is available for iOS alone, you'll search in vain for it using your iPhone – it only appears in the App Store when using an iPad, for which it has been designed.




That makes sense – this branded version of the mConnect app works much better on a larger screen, and allows the user quick, effective browsing, playlisting and more, as well as access to cloud services including the high-res streams from Qobuz and Tidal, all from within the app. Cover art is large and crisp, and it's easy to select and play tracks from the N10, or indeed any other network storage you may have connected.

Buffalo Technology
Supplied by: Kog Audio Ltd, UK
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