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Magnepan Inc.

Thanks to its unique transducer design, this is surely one of the quirkiest, most eccentric loudspeaker brands around. Magnepan Incorporated has been manufacturing speakers in its own special way for 49 years, with founder Jim Winey first creating his thin-film magnetic equivalent to an electrostatic – something he termed Magneplanar – way back in 1969. In many respects things have changed little over the years, with only subtle refinements made. Production remains in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, just north of the twin cities of St Paul and Minneapolis, taking over 50,000ft2 alongside corporate and engineering offices. So far, over 200,000 pairs of Magneplanar speakers have been sold. Although founder Winey has now retired, the company continues his legacy in design and build, proudly declaring that the majority of parts are American-sourced.

Magnepan Inc.
White Bear Lake, MN, USA
Supplied by: Decent Audio, Stockton-on-Tees
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