Linn Majik LP12/Krane Turntable Package LP12 Lineage

LP12 Lineage

The Linn Sondek LP12 has been regularly updated, to the point where almost all its individual components have changed. This means decks of different vintages typically have different sounds. Early 1970s Sondeks were warm and euphonic until the Nirvana spring and motor mount kit tightened up its bass (1981, from serial number 32,826). Then the Valhalla crystal-driven power supply board took things further with more detail and insight (1982, 38,794). Improved plinth bracing (1984, 53,000) and better springs followed (1984, 54,101), then a superior main bearing (1988, 70,000) and a better armboard (1989, 79,160). The '90s were an important time; first came the optional Lingo offboard power supply (1990) and Trampolin baseboard (1991), then the Cirkus main bearing and subchassis package (1993, from serial number 90,582). These gave the deck a huge sonic boost with far better stereo imaging, as well as a grippier bass. The new millennium saw a fourth bolt added to the top plate, then the motor was finally upgraded (2001) for the first time since 1973. The rigid aluminium Keel subchassis option was a big leap forward for the LP12 (2008), as was the Radikal DC motor and power supply option (2009). Arguably largest improvement of all though is the current Karousel single-point bearing upgrade (2020, 150,3171).

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