Lindemann Musicbook Source II Networked DAC/Preamp Lindemann App

Lindemann App

It's possible to control the basics of the Source II with its little IR remote, provided it's used as an analogue preamp, but given its entire raison d'etre is as a network audio device, switching to app control is the only way to go. Fortunately, the Lindemann app is well sorted, not only in the way it allows you to access locally stored music and streaming services, but also in customising the Source II, from changing the upsampling settings to adjusting the headphone output levels and even the display brightness. You can even combine several Lindemann devices to create a multiroom system, choosing which one will be the master and how others in the network should react to it.

Above all, the design of the app reflects the thinking of the system itself: it's clear, bright, and ever so simple to use, with no tweaks or tricks needed to operate the devices it commands. But a final word of caution: make sure you download the correct Lindemann app – there are two, perplexingly, so not the 'Musicbook' one – and you won't go far wrong here.

Lindemann Audiotechnik GmbH
Wörthsee, Germany
Supplied by: Signature Audio Systems
07738 007776