Kudos Audio Titan 707/Exposure VXN Active Loudspeaker Tony Brady

Tony Brady

Tony Brady, Exposure's Chief Designer for over 20 years, has a penchant for active loudspeakers. 'I've been using a custom active system for decades, currently comprising seven separate boxes, including a phono stage', he says. So when Kudos came calling, Tony was ready for the challenge.


'Kudos already had solutions from Linn and Devialet, but these were DSP-based, so they were looking for a more traditional "analogue" approach by way of choice for the enthusiast. Kudos supplied us with the basic acoustic parameters for its range and we developed the electrical crossovers from here.'

In practice, the VXN is designed to emulate the existing passive crossover rather than provide any secondary correction for phase shifts or smaller peaks and dips in amplitude response. 'The VXN is based on my own crossovers that I designed for my Linn Isobarik speakers – it's a solution that's been going strong for 23 years!', says Tony. 'The final design here has more in common with the 5010 preamp while the PSU is also intended to power our new VXN phono stage [not yet released].

'The VXN crossover is adaptable across the entire Kudos Titan range, with plug-in boards to accommodate everything from the two-way 505 to the three-way 808. For future-proofing, the slopes may be adjusted up to 18dB/octave at the factory to suit the loudspeaker in question. But this is early days and we are certainly looking to work with other loudspeaker manufacturers.'

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