Koetsu Urushi Vermillion Cartridge Existential Audio

Existential Audio

Even seasoned reviewers will tell you that buying a Koetsu is a Kierkegaardian event, requiring a leap of faith. Acquisition doesn't involve reading a plethora of reviews, or spending hours in demo rooms. According to importer Ricardo Franassovici, 'When you get to the level of the stone-body Platinum, you never get two identical because each is handmade [including mounting the stylus – inset pic]. You just follow what the particular stone means to your life or you will be there forever. No-one can listen and compare eight cartridges, let alone 18'.


'Koetsu,' he continues, 'is the most "spiritual" of my brands,' even more so than Jadis, the French tube amp specialist. He suggests that choosing a Koetsu is like selecting a premier cru Burgundy, with oenophiles debating terroir, vintage or other concerns. Ultimately, one requires the experience of a Master of Wine. Adds RF, 'C'est vrai – all Urushis are fundamentally the same, but the Vermillion has lower output. Some feel, then, that the Vermillion is more delicate than the other Urushis. It is like La Tâche versus Eschezaux. Both amazing. But different.'

Tokyo, Japan
Supplied by: Absolute Sounds Ltd
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