Kii Audio THREE BXT Loudspeaker Bruno Putzeys

Bruno Putzeys

Kii Audio's 'full stack' – the THREE 'satellite' and BXT bass module – is hardly fresh off the boat. Indeed, the combo was debuted in the UK as far back as our Hi-Fi Show Live 2018, developing into one of the stand-out sounds at the Hi-Fi Show Live 2019 in Ascot. Rather than guess what the brand will unveil at this year's Hi-Fi Show Live (19th-20th Sept, Ascot), I asked CTO Bruno Putzeys to offer a hint of what's to come.


'Kii Audio has arrived at that point in a company's life when its future actions become more predictable,' said Bruno, 'as are the questions asked about its future.' Questions that spring to my mind at least include: 1. will Kii make an even smaller speaker? 2. will Kii make a bigger speaker with all the latest technology embedded within? And, 3. will Kii launch a digital networked source?'

'Like most companies we don't like to pre-announce,' demurred Bruno, 'but unlike others that's not because we fear people will hold off a purchase in favour of a marginally better new model. We don't do marginal, and we don't do a mkII. We're not in the business of making finely-graded speaker lineups with a multiplicity of tiers and sizes that leave prospective customers baffled as to which to choose.

'You can be sure that any new products will be sufficiently distinctive from the existing ones, and from each other, to leave no doubt which is the right one for you.'

I'll take that as a 'yes' to all three of those questions! PM

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