KEF R3 Meta Loudspeaker Meet The Range

Meet The Range

The R series has been a mainstay of KEF's speaker lineup since 2011. Intended as a step up from its affordable Q range for both hi-fi and home theatre enthusiasts, it offers all the models necessary for the latter to build a multi-channel system, including the £1200 R2 Meta and larger £1600 R6 Meta centre speakers, plus the £1400 R8 Meta surround/Atmos speaker. For the hi-fi shopper, the choices are either the R3 Meta standmount, or one of three floorstanders: the £3000 R5, £4000 R7 and £5500 R11.


All feature the same Uni-Q array, so differences between the floorstanders are the complement of bass drivers above and below it, the cabinet size, and the crossover tuning. The slender R5 uses two 130mm aluminium woofers, while the larger R7 matches the 165mm bass drivers of the R3 standmount tested here. The top-of-the range R11 [pictured] doubles up, with four 165mm bass units in a cabinet measuring 1.25m high. The same Gloss Black, Gloss White and Walnut finishes are offered, although the R7 gets a 'special edition' Titanium Gloss.

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