Keb' Mo'

Peace... Back By Popular Demand - Pure Pleasure PPAN92687 (180g vinyl)

Yes, an LP of the CD I’ve been boring you with for six years. While probably a digital original, the album lends itself beautifully to the analogue medium because it’s just so damned rich: perfectly-recorded piano; fluid guitar, Dobro and bass; Keb’ Mo’s textured vocals. This was his ‘covers album’, the bluesman choosing nine peace ’n’ love folk and rock classics, mainly from the 1960s, like ‘Get Together’, ‘Imagine’ and ‘For What It’s Worth’. They serve as a statement that’s as relevant in 2010 as when the songs were new. So good is Pure Pleasure’s transfer that it can now serve as my favourite ‘demo disc’ for two formats. One of the nicest records you’ll ever hear, sonically and spiritually.

Sound Quality: 93%