High-End Amps Also in HFN

Also in HFN this month in 1983

1219vault.cover250An Open Letter To Japan
Basil Lane on when is a free market not a free market?

Technics '83
Alvin Gold reports on new products from Matsushita.

Barry Fox casts a critical eye over Hugo Zuccarelli's ideas on the perception of sound.

Classical Glass
Ken Kessler on M-O valves and the classic Radford designs.

Chromium Dioxide, Ok?
Paul Messenger gives the background story to this month's cover gift.

State Of The AR-T
First UK review from John Atkinson of AR's reintroduced seminal turntable design.

The Jubilee Line
Ken Kessler hears Thorens' TD147 Jubilee turntable.

Prime Minster?
Paul Messenger reviews a pair of hefty Tannoy horns.

Alvin Gold brings you the lowdown on the very latest amplifier designs from Creek, NAD and Harman Kardon.