HiFi Rose RA180 Integrated Amplifier Sean Kim

Sean Kim

The RA180's 'steampunk' aesthetic has everyone talking, but what was the inspiration for this mind-boggling fascia design? 'We wanted to show the analogue signal path flowing across the front panel of the RA180,' says Sean Kim, HiFi Rose's Marketing/Sales Executive Director. 'It's like a schematic diagram from left to right – the input feeding the pre/control stage, to the volume and speaker selection – expressed with lighting and a beautiful, retro design'.


The myriad niche features of the RA180 are also intriguing. 'Hi-fi enthusiasts will frequently upgrade, so if they buy a turntable they will need a phono amp, and if they replace or add speakers, they need flexibility in amplification. We wanted to make a definitive amplifier so everything could be done with one RA180', explains Sean. 'And although there are many functions, every part was developed and tested as an independent module – we are proud of the overall performance'.

So is the RA180 a one-off or a flagship that will head-up an entire range? 'The RA180 is a reference "multi-device" so our next models will use the same GaN amplifier module but in simpler and more specialised products. We will soon have the RA280, with less functions but at a lower price, and the all-in-one RS520 that combines the amplifier performance of the RA180 with a network streamer'.

So is HiFi Rose on the path to a complete system? 'Yes,' confirms Sean, 'we will also have a standalone loudspeaker capable of reproducing high-quality sound no matter where you place it'. Sounds intriguing... PM

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