Goldmund Mimesis 15/Prana Active Loudspeaker Véronique Adam

Véronique Adam

During our three-month long review process, editor PM shared many a mail with Goldmund's Head of Acoustics, Dr Véronique Adam, and UK distributor Robert Wilson of Sonata Hi-Fi. While our conversations focused on the technology, neither did we overlook Goldmund's long high-end history.

'The brand was founded in France in 1978,' recalled Véronique, 'and its first commercial product was the T3 computer-controlled tonearm followed a year later by the direct-drive Studio turntable with its revolutionary acrylic platter.'

In 1980 the company was solely acquired by Michel Reverchon (who still owns the company, 40 years later) and relocated to Geneva.

'The first "Swiss Made" product was the legendary Reference deck, launched at CES in 1983, its trademark "Mechanical Grounding" becoming a cornerstone of every Goldmund product since. Electronics were added in 1987 with the Mimesis 2/3 pre and power amps, and digital solutions with a CD transport/DAC in 1990 followed by the modular Epilogue speakers.

'Incidentally, there'll soon be an updated DSP-driven flagship speaker to replace the Apologue, featuring a new design aesthetic. Our R&D into active room acoustic correction may also appear as a commercial product under the Goldmund name.'

Finally, and the question that most audiophiles will ask... will there ever be a new Goldmund turntable? Says Véronique, 'the current position is "never, say never"'.

Geneva, Switzerland
Supplied by: Sonata, London, UK
0330 111 5653