Gold Note Mediterraneo Turntable Lab Report

Lab Report

Despite the physical size of the 45mm-thick platter, the Sustarin (POM) polymer is not especially dense and so the start-up time remains pleasingly rapid at around 4-5 seconds. As supplied, the deck was running a little fast at +0.25% which is not audible and certainly not atypical of a new AC motor system that will likely slow with age. The W&F spectrum is complex, for while very low rate drift is thankfully avoided (this is not a DC motor, after all) there are low and higher-rate flutter sidebands at ±13Hz, ±58Hz and ±67Hz [see Graph 1, below] that contribute to a peak-wtd figure of 0.1%. These peaks also appear on the Mediterraneo's rumble spectrum [not shown], but measured with a coupler the –68.7dB (DIN B-wtd) figure is a little below average for the best of today's bearings. Nevertheless these vibrations are very effectively attenuated by that POM platter, reducing through-groove rumble and noise to just –71.4dB and down slightly further still to –71.9dB with the felt mat installed.

Meanwhile the resonant modes of the partnering B-5.1 tonearm are equally well defined but also high Q in nature: sharp, energetic but swiftly damped between 850Hz-1.3kHz where the appendages tend to 'sound off'. Better arm tube damping would certainly benefit the design, but the main bending mode occurs at a high 160Hz which is an indication of the inherent rigidity of the 9in anodised aluminium arm wand. This is followed by higher-Q harmonic/torsional resonances at 280Hz and 375Hz [see Graph 2]. Overall effective mass is in the mid-range at 11g and, with the 108g stainless steel counterweight, suited to cartridges in the 6-15g bracket. The bearings offer low <10mg friction and zero detectable play. PM


Wow and flutter re. 3150Hz tone at 5cm/sec (plotted ±150Hz, 5Hz per minor division)


Cumulative tonearm resonant decay spectrum, illustrating various bearing, pillar and 'tube' vibration modes spanning 100Hz-10kHz over 40msec

Turntable speed error at 33.33rpm 33.42rpm (+0.25%)
Time to audible stabilisation 5 seconds
Peak Wow/Flutter 0.03% / 0.07%
Rumble (silent groove, DIN B wtd) –71.4dB (–71.9dB with felt mat)
Rumble (through bearing, DIN B wtd) –68.7dB
Hum & Noise (unwtd, rel. to 5cm/sec) –62.4dB
Power Consumption 3-5W (2W idle)
Dimensions (WHD) / Weight 470x210x360mm / 25kg
Price £5445 (inc. B-5.1 tonearm)

Gold Note
Firenze, Italy
Supplied by: Audio Pinnacle, Hants, UK
01420 544140