Franco Serblin Accordo Goldberg Loudspeaker Massimiliano Favella

Massimiliano Favella

The Accordo Goldberg isn't the first speaker named after a musician, composer or musical work, and it won't be the last, but its story will resonate with those who appreciate both the mindset of the late Franco Serblin and how the company which bears his name remains a family affair. At the time of Franco's passing, he left enough designs and concepts to keep the brand fuelled for years – not difficult when you consider how rarely new models are introduced. This is a brand that takes its time.


As Franco's son-in-law Massimiliano Favella explains, 'The Accordo Goldberg, like the other speakers I have developed in the last few years – Lignea and Accordo Essence – took a few years to come to fruition'. Like Franco, Massimiliano does not rush his projects. 'I was struck by the perfection of JS Bach's Goldberg Variations, and why this work came to light.' Not least, it resonated specifically with the company, rather than simply being a piece which appealed in general.

Says Massimiliano: 'In the last year of his life, Franco repeatedly listened to this work. In time, I researched it and understood why Franco listened to it with such pleasure'. Just as Franco had honoured the great violin makers when he owned Sonus faber, so was Massimiliano moved to celebrate the music itself.

Will we see similarly named speakers in the future? 'I don't like to make predictions about what the brand will look like in the coming years', says Massimiliano. 'But I love to develop new speaker products, to provide answers for all lovers of good music reproduction.'

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