Falcon Acoustics R.A.M Studio 30 Loudspeaker Falcon's Forefather

Falcon's Forefather

Falcon was founded by former KEF senior development engineer Malcolm Jones. He was KEF's first employee, clocking-on back in 1961, and subsequently developing the classic B139, B200, B110, T15 and T27 drivers. After signing off the legendary Reference Series 104 in 1974, he left to start Falcon Acoustics with wife Valerie. The company grew quickly, selling a range of speakers as well as components, including ferrite-cored inductors. It acquired Nightingale Acoustics in 1978, then took on UK distribution for Focal. Jerry Bloomfield bought the business in 2009, keeping Malcolm on in a design consultancy role. Falcon Acoustics worked closely with RAM Electronics Ltd from 1974 to 1983, supplying crossovers - but the R.A.M. in the name of this speaker refers to Reference Audio Monitor. Nowadays, Falcon claims to be the largest supplier of drivers in the UK, and has also recently garnered some very positive reviews for its own version of the classic BBC LS3/5a [HFN Jan '19].

Falcon Acoustics Ltd
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