Exposure 5010 Pre/Monos pre/power amplifier Sidebar

Classical Design

Purposeful, frill-free or agricultural? Take your pick, but there’s a definite simplicity about the looks of Exposure’s products – as there has always been right back to the original models penned by founder John Farlowe, with their square-cut casework, rocker power switches, and Roman numeral designations. But then Exposure maintains the great tradition of no-frills British amplifiers, all the way from the likes of the original Audiolabs and Naims through to brands such as Creek and Cyrus. Simple, yet highly effective, has long been the way, and the 5010s show the wisdom of such an approach. Yes, the latest designs are a little softer, with rounded edges to the thick front-panels and controls, a styling line across the lower part of the 5010 monoblocks and a pushbutton in place of that rocker, but still there’s not that much on display. The 5010 preamp has no more than volume and source selection controls, plus a window for its IR handset, which duplicates the fascia controls and adds mute as well as controls for CD players and the like. All you get on the power amps is that on/off button!

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