Exposure 3510 Mono Power Amplifier The Perfect Partner

The Perfect Partner

As the 3510 Mono's 'default' partner, the 3510 Preamplifier actually predates the monoblocks reviewed here because it was launched alongside the 3510 Stereo in 2022 [HFN Nov '22]. Its design genetics go back farther still, this latest preamp taking a few cues from the earlier 3010S2 model [HFN Dec '14], albeit with a more 'relaxed' feedback regime. While the latter may explain the slight increase in distortion from 0.0002-0.0005% (3010S2; re. 0dBV, 20kHz-20kHz) to 0.001-0.0024% for the 3510 Preamplifier [see inset Graph] any 'colour' is still comparable to the reduced 0.0006-0.006% enjoyed by the 3510 Mono.


Nevertheless the 3510 Preamplifier has no XLR output to take full advantage of the 3510 Mono's balanced input, so it's arguable that Exposure's balanced 5010 Preamplifier [HFN Nov '18] from its older, higher tier range is the more philosophically-inclined partner! It's the better technical partner too, as it's both balanced and DC-coupled like the 3510 Mono. The 5010 Preamplifier's wide 96.4dB S/N ratio will make better use of the 3510 Mono's vastly reduced noise, just as both amplifiers are 'flat' down to sub-1Hz (in fact the 5010 is +0.5dB up at 1Hz). If you like the look of these mighty fine Monos, make sure to audition them with both the 3510 and 5010 preamplifiers. PM

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