Engström ERIC Encore Mono Power Amplifers Lars Engström

Lars Engström

Lars Engström is the CEO and chief designer of Engström, a position held for the last 15 years in what is essentially a 'family' company supported by external investment. Editor PM asked Lars about his love of triodes. 'For me it began in 2001 with Lynn Olson's designs [www.nutshellhifi.com/triode1.html].


'I was not especially convinced by SET operation, so went the fully balanced, push-pull route. Every stage in our amplifiers is fully balanced. Normally we use transformer-coupling between driver and output stage and capacitor-coupling between input and driver. Our integrated amp, the ARNE, is DC-coupled but this is the exception.'

And why the change of output tubes for this 'Encore' version of the ERIC? 'Our customers wanted the ability to tube roll with other 845s but the design around the original KR triode would not permit this. With the Encore, you can use alternate 845s, although we recommend the (very expensive) tubes that we have selected!'

Engström is also on the trail of what it calls the 'Scandinavian sound' which informs much of the Encore's voicing. 'During our sound tuning we use Marten Parker Trio loudspeakers with an Audio Research CD7 CD player and a "vintage" Thorens TD 125 from the 1970s', reveals Lars. 'I even have a TD 124 at home – I like Thorens!', he says.

Lars also revealed a new product. With one integrated, one pre and two power amps in the range, these will soon be joined by an all-tube MM/MC phono preamp later in the year. Price? If you have to ask... PM

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