Emotiva BasX TA2 Integrated Amplifier Lab Report

Lab Report

'The new BasX TA2 builds on the legacy of our TA-100 [HFN Apr '19] and TA1 [HFN Nov '22]', says Emotiva, but with 'significantly more output power'. It's not kidding – while both the TA-100/TA1 offered 2x63W/8ohm and 2x93W/4ohm, the TA2 pumps out nearly triple this at 2x184W/8ohm and 2x280W/4ohm. This is significantly more generous than Emotiva's own 135W/200W spec. I might add. Also, while the TA1 offered a dynamic output of 87W, 153W, and 234W into 8, 4 and 2ohm loads, respectively, the TA2 goes far further with 245W, 451W and 760W [Graph 1]. And, while the TA1 was protected at 52W/1ohm, the TA2 shuts down at 229W/1ohm (15.1A), so the latter actually delivers more (19.5A) into 2ohm... Gain is unaltered at +41.6dB and the A-wtd S/N ratio is held to a wide 91.5dB (re. 0dBW) despite the larger PSU with its potential for higher hum fields. Distortion, too, holds to within 0.005% from 1W-10W/1kHz and 0.005-0.05% from 10W-100W. The ±1dB response limits are 6Hz-55kHz.

The AD1955-based digital stage achieves a maximum 3.78V output (at 0dBFs) but, as the power amp is still in-circuit, my tests were conducted at a 'safer' 2V/0dBFs output where the TA2 achieves a creditable 107.1dB A-wtd S/N ratio and 0.005%/1kHz distortion (increasing to 0.045%/20kHz). This falls to 0.0004-0.008% at –10dBFs although distortion increases at all levels at LF (0.02%/20Hz/0dBFs) where the TA2's line output impedance increases from 35ohm (midband) to 618ohm/20Hz. AD's standard linear phase digital filter offers a 79dB stopband rejection and response limits of –0.1dB/20kHz (CD/48kHz data), –1.6dB/45kHz and –4.4dB/90kHz (96kHz and 192kHz data). Jitter remains <150psec for all sample rates. PM


Dynamic power versus distortion into 8ohm (black trace), 4ohm (red), 2ohm (green) and 1ohm (cyan) speaker loads. Maximum current is 19.5A


Distortion vs. digital signal level over a 120dB dynamic range (preamp out), 1kHz (black); 20kHz (blue)

Power output (<1% THD, 8/4ohm) 184W / 280W
Dynamic power (<1% THD, 8/4/2/1ohm) 245W / 451W / 760W / 229W
Output impedance (20Hz-20kHz) 0.028-0.048ohm (618-35ohm, pre)
Freq. resp. (20Hz-20kHz/100kHz) –0.15dB to –0.15dB/–2.5dB
Digital jitter (S/PDIF at 48kHz/96kHz) 135psec / 145psec
A-wtd S/N ratio (re. 0dBW/0dBFs) 91.5dB (Analogue) / 107.1dB (Dig)
Distortion (20Hz-20kHz; 0dBW/0dBFs) 0.002-0.036% / 0.005-0.045%
Power consumption (idle/rated o/p) 14W / 487W (1W standby)
Dimensions (WHD) / Weight 432x102x412mm / 11.3kg
Price £1099

Emotiva Audio Corporation
Tennessee, USA
Supplied by: Karma AV, York
01423 358846