ELAC Navis ARF-51 Active Loudspeaker Wired Or Wireless?

Wired Or Wireless?

Based on the inaugural Discovery DS-S101-G network music player [HFN Dec '16] – ELAC's bespoke streaming platform – the £399 DS-C101W-G AirX2 wireless transmitter supplied for this review is one of two devices available to send music to the ARF-1 and ARB-1 speakers. The less expensive option is the £129 Navis Transmitter Air X2, which is a very simple unit having no more than a pair of RCA audio inputs, for use with your sources' preamp outputs. Like the DS-C101W-G, it can be 'paired' directly with the Navis speakers, and also to a subwoofer.


The more expensive unit brings to the party a choice of sources via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. It can be used with ELAC's own Discovery server or a Roon core, supports Spotify Connect, AirPlay and Bluetooth, and has a range of outputs available, on coaxial and optical digital sockets, plus stereo output on RCAs. It can accept content at up to 192kHz/24-bit, and output it either in native form or after processing, while the Air X2 wireless transmission works at 44.1kHz/16-bit resolution.

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