EAT Jo No8 Cartridge By The Numbers

By The Numbers

At more than double the price of the Jo No5, the No8 is a text-book case of expanding a range. Obviously, every cartridge family should show an elevation in parts quality appropriate to price increases, so the No8 offers more than just a solid chestnut body in place of its sister's mint green polyamide shell. I am no clairvoyant, but I wrote that the No5's body recalled the legendary Mr Brier. The new cartridge confirms it for the No8 is almost a dead-ringer for the earlier Japanese MC.


Starting at the tip, the No8 uses a nude Shibata stylus fitted to a boron cantilever, in place of the No5's nude Fine Line on an alloy cantilever. The fourth material change is the use of '8-Nines' copper wire instead of 4N. Then come the factory specs, and all are superior. Editor PM's measurements provide independent verification – but the gains include a wider range of acceptable tracking forces, higher compliance, better separation and it tracks better. The new model is lighter, too, at 12.5g vs 15g, despite identical shapes. Ultimately? If you loved the No5, you'll adore the No8.

European Audio Team
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