Denon DP-3000NE Turntable One Direction

One Direction

Denon's first direct-drive turntable was the DN-302F in 1970 – a professional model developed for the Japanese broadcaster NHK. This used a sturdy AC motor and boasted a start-up time of 0.2 seconds. The domestic DP-5000 motor unit followed a year later with its instantly familiar 'UFO' styling. This was simplified slightly to form the original DP-3000 of 1972 [pictured here]. Again, this was just a motor unit – in a plinth it became the DP-3500 and with the addition of an arm, the DP-3700K. More integrated units with fully automated operation and servo arm control followed, culminating in the ultimate Denon direct-drive, 1981's DP-100M – a stunning and rare 63kg tour de force.


In common with others, Denon embraced digital in the '80s and its analogue turntable development waned. It did spring back in 2010 with the limited edition DPA-100 100th anniversary model, but its full production successor, the DP-1300, was a Japan-only model. The DP-3000NE featured here marks a welcome return for a Denon flagship turntable to the UK.

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