dCS Lina Network DAC 2.0 Network-Attached DAC Mosaic Music

Mosaic Music

While the Lina Network DAC 2.0's display imparts plenty of information and gives access to its user settings, the best way to operate the unit by far is with dSC's Mosaic Control app, free for iOS and Android devices. Also used for control of dCS's other networked products, this has a clear interface that makes it fine for smartphone as well as tablet use, and is generally intuitive.


Once installed, the app will 'find' connected dCS hardware on your home network. As well as a button to choose your music source – streaming service integration includes Qobuz, Tidal, Deezer and Spotify [see screenshots] – the home screen presents four menus. 'System Test' instigates a channel check and 'Display' lets you to dim the brightness of the Lina DAC's front panel, while also allowing you to choose between 'small' and 'large' font sizes. 'Device' includes the new balance control feature, and clock and USB audio class selection. 'Audio' is your port of call to see the sample rate of your current music, and explore the unit's extensive upsampling, filter and Ring DAC mapper choices – changes are made immediately, ensuring comparisons are easy. There are also crossfeed functions available for when the Lina Network DAC 2.0 is driving dCS's partnering Lina Headphone Amp.

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