Dali Callisto 6 C and Sound Hub Wireless Loudspeaker Going Wireless

Sidebar: Going Wireless

At its simplest, Dali's Sound Hub does what it says on the box: it offers two sets of analogue inputs (on RCAs and a 3.5mm socket), two optical digital inputs and one coax, and transmits whatever is connected wirelessly to the Callisto speakers at 96kHz/24-bit. There's Bluetooth for streaming from a portable device (the remote control also operates on wireless rather than IR), while pairing hub to speakers is simple, and the main controls are accompanied by a clear display of source, volume and balance.


Furthermore, the hub also has pre- and sub-outs, so could also be used with active speakers or an amplifier to give two-zone operation. Two slots in the rear panel allow for expansion modules – the first is a BluOS option very similar to those available for various NAD products. As well as multiroom and MQA capability, this will bring streaming and online services to the system, all controlled via the dedicated BluOS app. Dali's Bluos NPM-1 module is available now for £459.

Supplied by: DALI Audio UK Ltd, Herts
0845 644 35 37