D'Agostino Progression Preamplifier/Stereo pre/power amplifier Interview

Interview: Dan D'agostino

'I was not thinking about the Progression circuitry while working at Krell,’ confirmed Dan to HFN, ‘indeed, all our DDMAS amplifiers are new designs with the Progression deriving much of its inspiration from the earlier Momentum series.’


So what can audiophiles expect when comparing the flagship Momentum Preamp with this Progression version or the Progression Monos with the Stereo?

‘For the Momentum Preamp we aimed for a very large and exciting presence, a wide and deep soundstage with a visceral impact. The Progression has these qualities but just scaled down a bit – tonally, they are very similar.

‘The same goes between the Progression Mono and Stereo. Structurally, they are nearly identical but dedicating the entire power supply to an individual channel, along with its companion circuitry, makes for a grand presentation. I’ve always found it tough for a stereo amp to compete with a monoblock based on a similar design.’

Did the ‘cutting’ of size and price compromise the sound quality in any significant way? ‘The Progression series was designed with the idea that the host hi-fi system would not have the resolving capability of one that included the Momentum. This allowed us to make decisions where we could reduce the overall cost.’

What is next for D’Agostino? ‘As of right now, we are fully immersed in our new reference series, called the “Relentless”, which we will unveil at the Munich Show in May.’

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