Craig Taborn Trio : Chants


88.2kHz/24-bit FLAC, ECM 2326 (supplied by

Minneapolis-born keyboard player and composer Craig Taborn has worked with numerous musicians throughout his career, experimenting variously in electronic and acoustic settings. Chants sees him in a traditional acoustic jazz trio alongside bassist Thomas Morgan and drummer Gerald Cleaver, the group’s first album release despite having collaborated for many years. It’s a challenging listen, the intense and dynamic improvisational performances demanding attention throughout. The title track, the delightful ‘In Chant’, displays a disciplined minimalism redolent of the experimental Splashgirl trio of Sweden, the composition’s intriguing melody weaving hypnotic patterns that keep you tantalisingly on edge. This is a fine recording too, with plenty of space so that you feel you’re listening into the room in which they’re performing. JB

Sound Quality: 82%

Hi-Fi News Lab Report

Sensitively recorded at 88.2kHz with few peaks beyond –6dBFs. There are plenty of extended interludes in the –30dBFs to –40dBFs range and headroom to express realistic 20-30dB percussive strikes. Pity about the spuriae at ~31kHz. PM