Constellation Audio Inspiration Mono 1.0 Power Amplifier Direct Injection

Direct Injection

In the broadest terms, Constellation's amplifiers are based around a proprietary balanced/bridged N-type MOSFET power module, the differences between the various models defined by the scale and quality of the partnering linear PSU and number and configuration of those novel quasi-complementary FET 'blocks'. Look inside the Inspiration Mono 1.0 and you'll see it looks almost identical to the Inspiration Stereo 1.0 [HFN Jul '15], except here the 'left' and 'right' channels are bridged to yield a single mono output – the toroidal transformer and all 16x10,000µF black reservoir capacitors now serving just one channel.

Like the Stereo 1.0, the Mono 1.0 has two balanced XLR inputs that may be switched between Constellation's 'Direct' and 'Balanced' modes. In reality both modes are balanced but the former omits the first of the Mono's two J-FET line input stages. There's no difference in power output here but the Mono's gain is necessarily reduced, from +25.2dB in 'Balanced' mode to +12.1dB in 'Direct', so your preamp will need to make up the difference. Provided your (balanced) preamp can output 14.1V – Constellation's own preamps will deliver 25V [HFN Jul '13] – then the Mono's rated 400W/8ohm is still achievable. But there are subtle differences in distortion so it's likely the relative sensitivity of your loudspeakers and output performance of your source preamp will play a big role in determining which mode is preferred. PM

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