Chord Electronics 2go/2yu Network Bridge Gofigure


At the heart of setting up Chord's network devices is the GoFigure app, available for Android and iOS devices. When first issued the app proved slightly flaky, but the latest version is much more stable, allowing the 2go – and indeed the smaller Poly – to be connected to a home network, configured, and of course updated to the latest firmware. Options include the choice of wireless, wired or Bluetooth connectivity, as well as setting the network player to operate as a Roon endpoint. You can even have it act as a Wi-Fi hotspot – a hub for other devices to connect to the Internet.

With that all sorted, it's possible to use the GoFigure app to control playback from the microSD card storage, online sources, or Internet radio, but you might well find the interface of third-party apps, such as the mConnect used for our testing here, clearer, and smoother to use. While GoFigure is fine for basic set-up and installation, it can be a bit slow and obstructive when one wants to flick rapidly between albums, tracks, or online streams.

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