Canton Vento 100 Loudspeaker

hfncommendedThis German institution offers a vast catalogue, including the Reference-inspired Vento range, topped by the 100

Canton is not only Germany's largest loudspeaker manufacturer, it might also be one of the most prolific speaker builders in the world. Yet within an extensive range that includes everything from on-wall and in-ceiling speakers to soundbars and subwoofers, its Vento series has long been a main 'pillar' of the brand, in production for nearly two decades. And now, as part of a recent refresh of the Canton catalogue overseen by technical director Frank Göbl, it's been comprehensively upgraded.

The Vento 100, the large three-way floorstander that headlines the new series, replaces the previous Vento 896.2 DC. Positioned one step below Canton's flagship Reference K range [HFN May '22 & Aug '22], and selling from £5000, it would appear aggressively priced when pitted against some notable rivals, such as Bowers & Wilkins' 702 S3, Monitor Audio's Gold 300, or KEF's R11 Meta. The price gap between the Vento and the Reference K models currently isn't huge either, so it's worth noting that a new Reference lineup was teased at Munich High End in May 2023, and this will probably widen it.

Come On Down
As you might expect, the 'premium' Vento range utilises trickle-down tech from the top-end Reference Ks. Many companies execute a similar strategy, giving buyers a 'nearly-the-best' option below more expensive flagships. In this case, however, the Vento 100 is equipped with new titanium/graphite drivers said to improve on the ceramic/tungsten material used for the Reference K.

First, above the 25mm ceramic dome tweeter on the speaker's flat front baffle, is a 174mm titanium/graphite midrange operating below 3.2kHz. Two larger (220mm) titanium/graphite drivers then handle bass below a low 170Hz, the Vento 100 claiming a reach down to 20Hz. All these new drivers are mounted without obvious fixings behind aluminium trim rings, adding a further visual flourish to what looks every inch the high-tech package.


Featuring new 'titanium/graphite' mid and dual bass drivers – 174mm and 220mm, respectively – the Vento 100 also plays host to a 25mm ceramic tweeter set into a short waveguide. The drivers are mounted into the curved cabinet with 'invisible' fixings

Indeed, the Vento 100 is recognisable as a sibling of the similar-sized Reference 7K, with a finish that doesn't feel any less opulent. Standard options are black and white gloss, the second of those to fit nicely into a Scandi-style interior, while Walnut and Dark Walnut wood finishes, again given a gloss varnish, are £5250.

Made To Measure
Calling this loudspeaker 'slender' would be inaccurate, but the sharp corners and curved sidewalls – which culminate in a slightly narrower rear – do make it appear more streamlined than it actually is. Even so, it will dominate in a smaller room – definitely not where it is intended to go. Surprisingly, after getting out the tape measure, it turns out the Vento 100 is larger than the aforementioned Reference 7K. At nearly 40kg per piece, it's heavier too.

In terms of fit and finish the speaker ticks all the boxes, including high-quality bi-wire enabled terminals around the back. The Vento 100 is raised over a broader plinth that lets the speaker 'float' above the floor and allows its down-facing bass port to vent uniformly out from the base of the cabinet. Spikes can be added and, of course, the Vento 100 doesn't mind standing a bit closer to the wall compared to rear-firing bass reflex boxes.

The '100 is the biggest of eight passive Vento models, alongside the Vento 90 and Vento 80 floorstanders, Vento 30 and Vento 20 standmount/bookshelf speakers, and centre channel, surround and on-wall options for multichannel systems. The range extends further, though: Canton has been a proponent of active designs for decades, offering so-called 'Smart' versions of many of its loudspeakers, and that's the case here. Not of the Vento 100, but there is the wireless, active Vento 9 S2, related to the Vento 90, with claimed built-in amplification of 600W and support for 96kHz/24-bit playback.

sqnote Art Of Seduction
In practice, the Vento 100's style of presentation is closer to an upbeat and engaging 'wall of sound' rather than pursuing ultimate definition across an expansively deep and wide soundstage. But that's not a bad choice, as it ensures this loudspeaker relays emotion and substance with real impact, and is typical of a company whose speakers have often favoured a big, rich and dramatic sound. It's impossible to listen to the Vento 100 and not be seduced by its charms.

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