B&W 702 Signature Loudspeaker Signature Of The Times

Signature Of The Times

The idea of a Signature model isn't new for Bowers & Wilkins although, until recent times at least, the badge was reserved for celebratory models marking significant milestones in the company's history. The Silver Signature speaker, a standmount model with a cross-shaped metal protector over the Kevlar mid/bass unit, attached to a brightly polished surround, and an offset tweeter housing atop the exotically-veneered cabinet, was launched in 1991 to mark the company's quarter century. It was followed by the Signature 30 five years later which took the same thinking and applied it to a floorstanding design. By now the speaker protectors had become a horizontal bar, and two finishes were offered: Grey Tiger's Eye and Red Bird's Eye, both lacquered to a high gloss. Internal wiring was silver, and the speakers used the company's Matrix cabinet reinforcement. Launched for the 40th anniversary, the Signature Diamond was a complete departure, a Kevlar driver mounted in its own structure onto a tubular cabinet with solid marble 'tweeter-on-top' housing [HFN Dec '07]. Until the 702, the most recent 'Sigs' are headphones – B&W's P9 Signature [HFN Mar '17].

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